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Different Air Conditioner Types for Home

As the market expands, different variations of products are born. Nowadays, the air conditioner types for home list goes on. While it is favourable as you have a wide range of choices, it is easy to get lost in the sea of appliances. 


This article will guide you to determine which AC unit is best for your home. We will help you choose a suitable investment for your family without breaking the bank! 

Window Air Conditioners


The first among the different air conditioner types for home is the window AC. As the name suggests, their typical installation is by your home window. Garnering the title of the “champions of small space cooling,” they are an efficient choice, especially for minimal-spaced homes. Knowing how to properly size an AC is essential as it also helps you prevent the system from not working.


Window air conditioners come in varying measures. It comes with a singular unit that provides the cooling that you need. They are way cheaper than the other options on the list as they are the easiest to install. Window ACs do not require ductwork, so they are preferable options if you don’t have any vents and registers. However, their significant disadvantages are noisy operation, an eyesore for aesthetic interior, and ruined window view.


Ductless Mini-Split AC


Next on our list of the different air conditioner types for home is the ductless AC. Also called a mini-split system, they provide efficient cooling without installing a system of ducts. If you live in a home where installation of ducts and registers is not applicable, or if you hate dealing with such a laborious task, this is for you. They are an excellent option for contemporary residences. 


Ductless mini-splits have an average-size indoor unit and an outdoor unit. The indoor unit is usually on a wall mount or a fixed location. Both indoor and outdoor components have a linkage through tubing that contains the refrigerant. Considering their energy consumption, they can be the most cost-effective option amongst all types but may be expensive when you need multiple spaces to cool down. A disadvantage to note is that they can’t cool a vast area of indoor space if you only use one unit for the entire home. 

Central Air Conditioning System


Last but not least is the central AC. Among all the various air conditioner types for home, they are considered the most luxurious. They are perceived this way as they are common in larger dwellings. 


The central air conditioning is the only unit in this list that utilizes a system of ducts to deliver cooling. While you might think that this is unfavourable on your end, it is an advantage if you have a vast space to cool. If you also want to cool multiple rooms simultaneously, this is the way to go. Purchasing individual mini-splits or window ACs can lead to higher energy consumption, unlike a centralized AC. They also come up with smart technology settings which you can use through your phone! A significant disadvantage is their upfront cost and high energy consumption, hurting the wallet. 




Knowing what choice among the diverse air conditioner types for your home you need is essential. It gives you peace of mind knowing that you get the best value for your money and home! 


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