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technician performs furnace duct cleaning

In Hamilton, having an efficient heating system is a necessity. A lot of homeowners depend on their furnaces for comfort during the winter. But like any other home appliance, we must adequately maintain our heating partners. So today, we will tackle the furnace duct cleaning pros and cons. 


With proper maintenance, we ensure product longevity. But is that the only advantage we can reap from duct cleaning? Is there also a downside to this? Can this stop furnace failures and prevent furnace emergencies? Find out more below. 


Advantages of Duct Cleaning


Let us begin discussing the furnace duct cleaning pros and cons by starting with the advantageous outcome. 


The first beneficial result of a duct cleaning performed by an expert is the improvement of your furnace system’s heating efficiency. It allows good riddance of dirt trapped in the components. When this happens, it will enable less strain on the furnace. Moving forward, the next advantage of duct cleaning is the elimination of unpleasant odours. Sometimes, rodents start to linger within the ducts and registers. They could die within the ductwork. As a result, it could produce a foul smell as warm air disperses. Such instances could be very bothersome for the household’s residents. 


Lastly, it also lowers the risk of disease transmission. When mould develops in the internal lining of ducts, it could trigger allergies and respiratory issues. It can be problematic for family members with sensitive immune systems. 


Disadvantages of Duct Cleaning


The list of furnace duct cleaning pros and cons does not end with the benefits. We also have some downsides to this. 


The riskiest part of furnace duct cleaning is imposing your system to further damage. Some homeowners prefer lower prices for this service with contractors that are not licensed. As a result, the work damages the ducts instead of cleaning them. The next con of duct cleaning is that it might be a waste of money. How can we say so? Some systems already need a replacement. So if you did duct cleaning for something that needs riddance, you are wasting money for nothing. 


The last downside to duct cleaning is that it doesn’t solve the issue’s root. Yes, it can get rid of the aftermath, but it doesn’t get to the starting point of the problem. If your concern involves rodent infestation or debris build-up, duct cleaning can only fix that temporarily. You have to address and treat those issues by solving the cause directly.




Furnace duct cleaning presents its list of pros and cons. While its effect on health improvement is still under debate, it does not mean you cannot get anything from it. While it isn’t a mandatory procedure, keep an eye out if your ducts signal a need for it. It helps you properly maintain them and address any possible issues occurring internally. If you’re unsure whether to schedule it or not, call your trusted technician to help assess and diagnose the problem. Always remember that this type of job is not something for a DIY. Never settle for cheaper offers with poor quality, as this can lead to costly repairs. 


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