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80% BTU natural gas furnace

There are many heating options to choose from to give you comfort during the Hamilton winter. It is easy to get lost in the sea of HVAC products, from electric furnaces to heat pumps. So you might have wondered, “What is a natural gas furnace?” 


When investing in your home’s heating partner, it’s normal to be meticulous. As homeowners, we only want the most suitable option with the best value for our money. That’s why if you’re interested to learn more about gas furnaces, read further. 


Definition and Function


What is a natural gas furnace? Let us look closely at its components and function to understand further and answer your question.


A gas furnace is a type of furnace that uses natural gas as an agent of combustion. It can either be connected in a tank or a direct pipe to your home. A gas furnace comprises a thermostat that detects the temperature of the indoor space. When it senses that it is above or below the preferred settings, it kicks the control board to start and power on the furnace. The gas valve opens, and the heating process begins. As combustion starts, a flame ignites and produces heat. Heat transfer then happens, involving the air acquired through the system of ducts and registers. Before the blower fan disperses the heated air to your home, it filters out the by-products such as flue gasses and toxic fumes. Such toxic gases exit the system through the aid of the heat exchanger. 


Once the heated air circulates the indoor space, the temperature starts normalizing. The cycle continues until the thermostat detects that you have attained the preferred temperature settings. If this happens, it triggers the control board to shut off the entire system. As a result, the gas valve closes, and the heating cycle stops. 


Is it an ideal option?


Now that we have answered your question, “what is a natural gas furnace?” you start to wonder if it’s a good option. While there could be various options in the market, gas furnaces are worth an investment.


As a matter of fact, about 90 percent of consumers prefer gas furnaces over electric furnaces. The apparent reason is that gas furnaces cost less in terms of operation. They also offer very reliable and highly efficient heating for your home. Studies also show that the heat obtained from natural gas feels far warmer than that of those produced electrically.


To further benefit from them, ensure you know how to properly size a furnace and get the appropriate BTU for your home. You must also constantly schedule annual furnace maintenance to avoid system failures or costly repairs. It also enables you to prolong your furnace’s lifespan, which can be advantageous to people working on a limited budget.




While winter can bring frustration, we can run to our heating systems to provide us with comfortable indoors. It stresses the importance of having a reliable heating partner for your home. If you think you need further assistance, place a call to your trusted HVAC technician to help you assess your home’s needs. 


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