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If you are currently experiencing a plumbing issue, we know how frustrated you can be. Emergencies in your plumbing system can risk the safety of the residents. It can potentially threaten your well-being physically. Hence, knowing precisely what to do in a plumbing emergency is crucial. 


Like how you prepare for furnace emergencies, or an AC not working correctly, plumbing emergencies are also something you need to keep a keen observation of. If left unaddressed, they can lead to costly repairs or even the need for replacement. Read further as we tackle this issue and how you can act upon its occurrence.


Do the basics. 


In knowing what to do in a plumbing emergency, the basic reminders will help you tons. They are imperative to perform and will help alleviate the issue or put it to a temporary halt.


The first primary step is turning the water off. If you know where the main valve is in your home, quickly shut it off if you have a busted pipe. It will help you prevent a large volume of water from leaking further, which can cause water damage. If the line is within the boundaries of your indoor space, it can help prevent flooding too. Next is taking out your plungers if you have a blockage. These essential home tools have been a conventional solution to clogs and obstructions in sinks, drains and toilets. If you perform the plunging correctly, it can help you amend the clog while saving some bucks. The same thing applies to chemical solutions you can buy in local stores or even those that are DIY. You can pour them down the blocked drain to dislodge the debris. Lastly, you need to give it a test. If the water now whirls down freely, you handled the clog perfectly. However, read further if your emergency is a busted pipe or gas leak.


Assess the damages and issue if you have not handled it yet.


If you have ticked all the basics in your “What to do in a plumbing emergency?” list, there might be an issue that needs professional hands. 


Before placing a call to your licensed plumbing company, ensure that you have a bit of a background to report. You can tell the plumbers what happened before the pipes burst or how the leak occurred. It will help them have a clear view of what is going on and how to assist you with the issue best. Once done, dial your plumbers and ask for help. Homeowners usually ignore this step, but it is the most significant one to take. You need to call your plumbers regardless of what type of emergency you have had. It will help you confirm if you handle the issue correctly or if there are underlying causes that are still untouched. If the root cause of the problem is unaddressed, the case will continue to recur.




Plumbing emergencies are on a case-to-case basis. They happen suddenly when you least expect them to. The best prevention is always preparation, as it lowers the risk of casualty. 



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