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We service homeowners in Hamilton and the surrounding areas. As an outstanding furnace, air conditioning & plumbing company, we can accurately diagnose the root of the issue and quickly get to work making the necessary repairs.

We aim to deliver the best customer service in the Hamilton, Ontario, area with immediate, trustworthy, and straightforward service.
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    We are the Best Heating and Cooling Contractor in Hamilton, Ontario

    We at furnacerepairhamilton.ca are serious about the work that we do. That is why we provide a wide range of heating and cooling services and solutions to meet all of your needs. All of our partners are certified, trained, and background checked.


    The reason why we are the number one heating & air conditioning contractor option is that we offer guaranteed and upfront pricing. We will do our utmost to schedule our services at the most convenient time for you.


    Give us a call at (289) 778-5661 to schedule an appointment today.

    Need Emergency Repair? We’re On Call 24 hours, 7 Days a Week, 365 Days a Year, to React Promptly to Your Service Needs.

    Call Us: (289) 778-5661
    Frequent Issues

    Signs of a Faulty Furnace in Hamilton, Ontario

    Most Hamilton, Ontario homeowners do not pay much attention to their furnaces until they break down. Our expertise in replacing, installing and repairing heating systems is based on our many years of experience working in the industry along with our commitment to providing outstanding service.

    The following are signs that your furnace is not working efficiently:

    1. Not producing heat: If it stops producing heat, the furnace may have a faulty ignition system or a malfunctioning thermostat.
    2. Making bizarre sounds: If your furnace is making strange sounds, such as knocking, popping, or squealing, it could be a sign of a problem with the blower motor or the belt that drives it.
    3. Odd smells: If your furnace has strange odours, such as burning or musty, it could signify a malfunctioning component or a dirty air filter.
    4. Frequent stops and starts, aka short-cycling: If your furnace turns on and off frequently, your thermostat may not be working correctly, or there could be a problem with the limit switch (a safety device that shuts off the furnace if it overheats).
    5. Not turning on: If your furnace does not turn on, it could be due to a faulty ignition system, a non-working thermostat, or a problem with the wiring.

    If you notice any warning signs, then it is time to consult with an expert to determine what repairs must be done. It is highly recommended that you have maintenance and repair services done before you have to consider replacing your heating system with a new furnace.

    Whether you’re looking for a furnace installation, a tune up, or 24-hour emergency heating service,
    give us a call at (289) 778-5661 to schedule an appointment today.

    Need Emergency Repair? We’re On Call 24 hours, 7 Days a Week, 365 Days a Year, to React Promptly to Your Service Needs.

    Call Us: (289) 778-5661
    Why Choose Us

    Your Top Choice in Hamilton, Ontario Furnace Companies

    We at furnacerepairhamilton.ca believe that it does not need to be difficult to find the right heating & air conditioning repair company. We make things easy for you by providing honest pricing, reliable solutions, and upfront services for your peace of mind. We offer a broad range of services including heating and cooling, installation, maintenance, and repair services. We understand how frustrating it can be to have your HVAC concerns unattended to and ignored.

    24/7 Emergency Service. Even if you hire a professional to maintain your furnace and air conditioner on a regular basis, you will still need repairs. HVAC break downs happen at the most inconvenient times. Our goal is to provide same-day service for all emergencies.

    Get the Job Done Right. Our HVAC technicians are the best of the best. We work on all makes and models of furnaces, heating systems, and central air conditioners. Whether it is a simple issue, or a more complex one, our team will provide a thorough, timely and transparent diagnosis.

    When you need a safe, reliable heating and air conditioner repair, count on Furnace Repair Hamilton to keep your home safe and comfortable all year around. Our on-call technicians will arrive as quickly as possible to diagnose and repair your furnace.
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    Benefits of choosing FurnaceRepairHamilton.ca

    Our Top Priority is Customer Service

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    Furnace Repair, Maintenance and Installation in Hamilton, Ontario

    You can rely on FurnaceRepairHamilton.ca for less guesswork and a more definitive diagnosis. Our heating & cooling services will ensure that your furnace operates efficiently and safely to avoid hazards to your Hamilton, Ontario home. Also, if your equipment is starting to show its age, our HVAC technician can inform you how long before your system is expected to fail.

    Our technicians will ensure that all components are working as intended by the manufacturer to prevent costly emergency repairs. To ensure that your heating system performs at top efficiency, you should ensure that a specialist inspects your furnace at least once per year. We aim to deliver the best customer service in the Hamilton, Ontario, area with immediate, trustworthy, and straightforward service.

    Call us today to schedule an appointment. We look forward to helping you keep your home comfortable and energy-efficient!


    If your heating and cooling unit is not operating correctly, we thoroughly inspect every component of your system. There could be a reason why your system isn’t working that isn’t clear or recognizable.


    Regular maintenance of your HVAC system is the simplest way to prevent future repairs and sustain peak performance. Ongoing tune-ups help ensure that your system has a longer life, performs correctly and provides your home with the most immeasurable efficiency possible.


    A professional installation is vital to avoid future issues or needless repairs. Moreover, our technicians assist you in selecting the appropriate size of equipment for your home. A wrong-sized unit negatively affects performance and increases energy costs.

    Need Emergency Repair? We’re On Call 24 hours, 7 Days a Week, 365 Days a Year, to React Promptly to Your Service Needs.

    Call Us: (289) 778-5661
    Saving Money

    Save Money on Your Furnace Replacement and Furnace Repairs in Hamilton, Ontario

    We are a reputable Hamilton, Ontario furnace contractor. Before we do any heating and air conditioning work, you will not what the exact cost is;

    We are a reputable furnace contractor. Before we do any heating and air conditioning work, you will know what the exact cost of the job.


    There will be no hidden or surprise charges following the repair service no matter how complex it is. Not too many homeowners know how furnaces work. Its magical ability to heat a house is overlooked until the absolute worst moment when you flip on the switch and hear nothing but silence.


    Regular heating & air conditioning maintenance and repairs will save you more money by minimizing your energy costs and not needing to prematurely replace your heating unit. Your next thought is most likely “how much will it cost to replace or repair?” Repair costs can be expensive. However, there are less expensive options such as performing scheduled HVAC repair and maintenance solutions.


    Whether you’re looking for a furnace installation, a tune up, or 24-hour emergency heating service, give us a call at (289) 778-5661 to schedule an appointment today.

    Globally Renowned & Trusted

    Learn More About Our Furnace Tune-Ups:

    Does Furnace Repair Hamilton Work with my Type of Heating System?
    Yes! We recruit only the best technicians. They are trained on all makes and models of heating systems — they’ve quite literally seen it all.
    What are other ways I can Save Energy this Winter?

    Consider an energy audit to identify areas where you are wasting energy and a detailed plan to remove the leaks.

    What Sets Furnace Repair Hamilton apart from other Heating Companies?

    We specialize in furnaces and other heating systems. In addition, we provide great service and products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our work.

    When in Doubt, Give Furnace Repair Hamilton a Call

    A Furnace Repair Hamilton licensed professional can address any concerns involving HVAC services. It might cost you some money, but when working with us you get exactly what you pay for. It will definitely be less than what it would cost if you were to complicate matters and try doing the repairs yourself without sufficient training.

    The best time for a furnace or air conditioner tune up is during the summer months when you don’t need your furnace. Consult with a Hamilton, Ontario furnace contractor for regular maintenance to ensure it is in top condition for winter. Your needs are our priority which is what sets us apart from the competition.
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    Provided Top Furnace Services
    Residential Furnace Repair Services for Hamilton, Ontario

    Whether it is January or July, most households consider their HVAC system as a necessity. After all, a fine-tuned HVAC system provides your family with much needed heating, air conditioning, and ventilation. As a result, it is critical to ensure that prompt, professional HVAC repair service is readily available.

    If your HVAC system is failing, some homeowners may feel that they can put it off till later. However, not only will this increase utility costs, it can shorten the lifespan of your equipment. Thus, it is essential that you contact a professional repair company as soon as you notice any defects.

    For inexpensive and on-time HVAC service for your home, give Furnace Repair Hamilton a call. Our insured, bonded, and licensed technicians are prepared to get your furnace in top condition before winter arrives. Does your furnace need repairs? Once a professional technician discovers the source of the problem with your furnace, he will then carefully communicate the situation to you. Subsequently, he will recommend the most cost-effective solution to eradicate the problem.
    24-Hour Furnace Repair Services by a Hamilton, Ontario Professional Furnace Technician
    We ensure that all of our heating & air conditioning clients are confident and happy in the work we do for them. We do not consider the job done until you are completely satisfied with the results.
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