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technician troubleshooting AC not working in house

Whatever the reason is, we can all agree that a malfunctioning HVAC system can be frustrating. Especially during summers in Hamilton, it can be troublesome to have an AC not working in house. Before you go into full panic mode, let us first identify what possible issues you might be dealing with.


This article will provide you with a thorough breakdown of the possible reasons behind your air conditioner malfunction. Issues range from mild to severe, mostly needing immediate expert attention. Make sure that you don’t ignore the signs, as problems could worsen when neglected over time! 


The air conditioner is not turning on. What could be wrong?


An air conditioning not working in house is a headache. Especially when you need it most, an efficient and effective HVAC partner is essential to survive the sun’s scorching heat these days. While there is no one answer to this, we narrowed down some potential culprits of this issue.


Sometimes, a quick check of your thermostat fixes the problem. Some central ACs have the wrong temperature settings for the thermostat. As a result, it prohibits the system from turning on. It might also be possible that your thermostat needs a battery replacement. Sometimes this can happen and cause a glitch in the overall operation of your AC because there is not enough power to function. Your air filters may also be a potential culprit behind your AC not working. As dirt and debris clog them over time, airflow becomes restricted. Since not enough air circulates through the system, the system overheats. As a result, your HVAC system decides not to power on as a safety feature. Regular cleaning and replacing air filters are preventative moves to ensure this doesn’t occur.  


A more severe issue could be a blown transformer or fuse. It could be due to wiring issues which can cause fire hazards if ignored. It would be best to summon an expert when you suspect you have blown a fuse or transformer, as it is not something you can do yourself. Electrical issues can impose serious physical harm, so beware. Lastly, check your AC coils. They are often dirt-filled, stopping the air conditioner from functioning entirely. When your AC fails to blow in cool air, it signals that these coils contain layers of debris. This scenario stresses the importance of regular HVAC maintenance and professional guidance to maintain these coils properly. 


How can I avoid this from happening in the future?


An AC not working in-house is not entirely uncommon. Like how there is an AC with leaking water, a furnace blowing cold air, or and air conditioner with frozen outside unit, there’s no one way to figure it out. However, it does not imply that you can completely disregard it. Regular HVAC maintenance is one way of keeping your AC’s health in tiptop shape. Your trusted professional helps you check your AC’s components properly to assess for possible damages. It is essential to schedule and not miss one as it helps prevent future problems. Since parts wear and tear over time, check-ups are required to maintain them. 


Still not sure what might be wrong with your air conditioner? Give your reliable technician a call to diagnose the problem and amend it immediately! 


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