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As a homeowner in Hamilton, we all know how temperatures vary constantly. While you don’t want to sacrifice comfort, you also don’t want to turn on your heating device at the wrong time. With the constant back and forth, you might have wondered at what temperature should you turn on the heat


Whether you’re a new homeowner looking for an answer or want to handle your heating better, you’ve come to the right place. This article will help you determine when to turn that furnace on and why you should. 


What are the deciding factors for using my heating system?


At what temperature should you turn on the heat? This question isn’t merely answerable by a simple number or degree. There are a lot of variables that you need to consider before you hop on the final verdict.


As each home varies, it is essential to assess the needs of your family members. For example, a particular house may have seniors, children, or those with diseases that require a certain level of temperature. Another factor to consider is each member’s preference. While some are comfortable with a freezing temperature, other household residents may not feel the same. 


The next factor is the time of the day. We may not need as much heat during the morning or afternoon when we are awake and functional. However, since our bodies tend to have lower temperatures during sleep, we require adequate heating during the night. Lastly, it would help to keep an eye out for indoor temperatures. As external temperature barely impacts and affects the internal temperature, you must check your thermostat constantly. Experts recommend turning on your heating systems when your indoor temperature stoops at 64 degrees Fahrenheit. 


Should I follow the 64-degrees Fahrenheit Recommendation?


If you have read the guidelines above, you would have figured out that your question shouldn’t be, “At what temperature should you turn on the heat?” It’s because a certain number isn’t the sole basis of when you need to turn your heating system on. So what does the expert-recommended temperature have to do with your decision?


While you need to assess many other factors before powering up that heating device, you can use 64 degrees Fahrenheit as your baseline. Think of it as a guiding quantity you can adjust as you see fit. However, it would help if you remember that other factors, such as poor house insulation, can trigger colder indoors. 


What if my heating system doesn’t turn on?


Now you know at what temperature should you turn on the heat. But all of a sudden, you encounter an issue. While it may not be as bothersome, it can be frustrating, especially if you need it most. Could it be a sign that your furnace is failing? While it may be hard to determine, you must ensure that you know how to prepare for a furnace emergency. To avoid any further hassles, make sure you schedule your regular furnace maintenance with your trusted contractor. It helps you prevent system failures and ensure that your furnace health is in tiptop shape!


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