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bathroom sink with clogs

Got a bathroom sink not draining properly? Worry no more, as we are here to give you an extensive guide on how you can address this. 


It is usual to worry when you face issues within your home. Plumbing issues can be frustrating, like a furnace failure or an air conditioning not working correctly. Our bathroom sinks are crucial components of our abode. So, instead of making scenes inside your head, read further and take notes on how you can best handle this situation. 


Solution #1: Get some drain cleaning solution.


If you have a bathroom sink not draining adequately, rush to get drain cleaning solutions. Drain cleaners can help you break down those clogs, whether store-bought or DIY. 


You can utilize boiling water to pour down the bathroom sink’s drain. It degrades grease and allows water to whirl as it should. You can also use that baking soda and vinegar on your shelf. These two are a powerful combo that rids your sink of clogs when mixed. If you don’t have time and want a quick fix, a quick trip to the hardware can get you a chemical solution that you can pour down. 


Solution #2: Check your stopper for blockages.


Most of the time, we seem to complicate things due to over-worrying. No one can blame you, especially if you have a bathroom sink not draining normally. Before you go into full panic mode, check the bathroom stopper.


Bathroom sinks can have a build-up of foreign particles. It could be the hair that you shave or other matters thrown into the drain as you go. Try to lift the stopper and assess the materials that may obstruct water flow. You can use a wire to remove the gunk and get rid of what blocks the drain. Once done, boil some water and run it down. It helps loosen grease or soapy goo that builds within the internal system. 


Solution #3: Get that plunger and pump!


When your kitchen sink encounters an issue, you run to the plunger for help. But do you know it’s not the only part of your home where you can use it? If you have a bathroom sink not draining water normally, get that plunger and start pumping!


Fill the sink with 3-4 inches of water. Since it has a clog, the water you run from the faucet will accumulate. Once it is 3 inches tall, you can start to bring your plunger in and do the pumping. The water allows better hold and suction of the cup, helping you alleviate the issue immediately. 




If the above fixes don’t work their magic, you might be dealing with a far more significant issue. There could be underlying causes that need professional help and attention. When such is the case, give your trusted plumber a call to help diagnose and amend the problem. Never risk a DIY as it can only recur over time. Without addressing the root of the issue, you’re only giving a temporary solution to the problem. 



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