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central AC vs heat pump

When choosing our cooling or heating partners at home, we only want what’s best for our families. We usually compare products side by side before we decide. It is why the battle of central AC vs heat pump is not a new match. 


As a homeowner in Hamilton, you know how uncomfortable summer can get. It just puts more emphasis on the necessity to purchase a reliable cooling system. Aside from looking for an efficient unit, we also want something that does not break the bank. In this article, we will guide you through selecting which one works best for you: a heat pump or a central AC? 


Heat Pump: Function, Pros and Cons


The battle between central AC vs heat pump will commence with the latter in the spotlight first. 


Heat pump systems are gaining popularity among homeowners nowadays. With their promise of a carbon-neutral operation, a lot of environmentalists support their use of eco-friendly cooling or heating. Heat pumps utilize a reversing valve which allows them to either heat or cools your indoor space. It does not necessarily rid heat from the air or creates heat energy to cool your home. It has a unique capability to facilitate energy transfer from one source to another. 


Their primary advantage is their versatile dual function. You can benefit from this as you won’t have to buy a separate heating and cooling system for your home. The next one is their energy efficiency. They utilize minimal electricity and have very few carbon emissions. However, their significant downside is their complex installation and high upfront costs. Since contractors have to make sure they are at a place in the house where there is enough flow of energy, installing them may be pretty hard. Regardless, we can guarantee that heat pumps are great investments! 


Central Air Conditioner: Function, Pros and Cons


Now let’s move forward with our discussion regarding the central AC vs heat pump. We will now dissect the central air conditioning system. 


A central air conditioner is a type of air conditioning system considered the most luxurious. The primary reason for this is the fact that it utilizes a system of ducts that may be costly to install. It enables simultaneous cooling of the different parts of your home as it runs through the vents and registers. Central ACs are preferred options for homeowners who have larger spaces or multiple rooms that need cooling. 


Their main advantage is their sufficient and equal cooling. Unlike purchasing a ductless AC, central ACs will not leave you with hot spots. Their efficiency is guaranteed, and they are a practical companion during the peak of summer. However, they can be significantly costly upon purchase, especially if you don’t have existing ductwork at your home. They can also be hard to maintain as they require regular cleaning and checkups for the ducts. However, if this does not sound bothersome to you, you can rely on this type of cooling system to bring the utmost comfort to your dwelling. 

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