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Thanks to constant innovations, we now enjoy a multitude of products to provide us comfort. While you could easily purchase them, knowing what each one entails is crucial. It is why we will tackle the different water heater solutions available.


Below, we will be providing a brief description of each water heater variation. We will also be tackling how a water heater functions in a broad sense. If you’re interested to learn more about this, read further.


Are water heaters able to heat my home?


The market has a wide array of water heater solutions. But before we move over to discussing each one, it is essential to recall what a water heater does.


Water heaters must not be confused with furnaces. From the term itself, it only is capable of heating “water.” Hence, the answer is NO. They are not something that can help you warm your indoor space during winter. So if you’re looking for a device to heat your room, this is not for you. Water heaters warm the water that runs through your plumbing system. They function continuously, unlike furnaces, which give you access to hot water when you need it. While some enjoy their company during hot baths, other homeowners also use them for dishwashing and laundry. However, like furnaces, you must also maintain them properly.


The different water heater types


Like furnaces, a wide range of water heater solutions are also available.


The first one is the conventional water heater with a storage tank. It is the most popular among all the variations available. It has a tank that holds and processes the water that needs heating. The conventional water heater facilitates a series of steps that enable constant and efficient heating. Next in line are the tankless water heaters. As the name suggests, it lacks a storage tank where water lies. In replacement, it has heated coils that can heat water right when it comes in contact with it. Some also refer to it as “flash heating,” which is very in demand today. 


The third variation is called the hybrid water heater. It uses heat coming from the air or ground to convey heating procedures. Some refer to it as a “heat pump water heater,” as it mimics how a heat pump functions. Last but not least are condensing water heaters. They utilize gas fumes to conduct heating. If you use gas in your home to cook food or heat your home through a furnace, you can benefit from this type of water heater. It funnels the heat from exhausted natural gas, allowing efficient water heating.




As the market continually expands with new products on the horizon, one must familiarize himself with them. The water heater solutions presented may develop over the years, especially with such modern technology. If you’re still wondering what’s best for your home, give your trusted plumber a call to discuss! Nothing beats professional advice when it comes to getting investments for our home. Just make sure that you are getting opinions only from licensed individuals.    


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