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technician troubleshooting furnace turning on and off repeatedly

Have you ever chanced upon the situation where your furnace turns off and on repeatedly? As a homeowner in Hamilton, you know how frustrating it could be to go on without heat, especially during winter. 


While you might think this is not something to worry about, ignoring the issue isn’t a good idea. When left unaddressed, it could trigger system failure and costly bills. But why does this happen? Read on as we explain the possible reasons behind this. 


Problematic Thermostat


If your furnace turns off and on repeatedly, check your thermostat. The device fits whether your indoor temperature complies with your preferences. It has the ability to control your entire heating system. Given that idea, a faulty thermostat can cause constant power on and off. 


There are a few reasons behind a malfunctioning thermostat. If it’s battery-operated, chances are it needs a battery replacement. However, it might be a problem within the wirings if it is hard-wired. Your thermostat can also trigger a continuous on and off-cycle if you mount it in an area with direct sunlight exposure or a heat source. You must ensure that you check these as they may be the probable reason behind your furnace’s malfunction. 


Insufficient Airflow


A furnace turns off and on repeatedly when there is an obstruction to the airflow. If you are skipping regular furnace maintenanceyour heating system is more prone to such issues and can signal system failure.


When the air filters ooze with dirt and debris, it clogs the passageway. If this happens, the heat exchanger keeps the heat energy. If heat energy does not meet proper dispersion, it causes a system to overheat. When your furnace overheats, it cycles on and off repeatedly. The same thing can also be a result of air vents with obstructions. When air does not enter the system, there will not be enough heat transfer. Hence, heat energy stays within the system and causes short cycling. Ensure that you schedule regular maintenance to guarantee proper cleaning of these vents and filters. 


Furnace is over-sized


If you don’t have the proper furnace sizing knowledge, you may encounter an issue. If your furnace turns off and on repeatedly, it may be because your unit is oversized for your home.


When we say “oversized furnace,” we refer to the scenario where your heating system is too massive for your home. Larger furnaces work better for larger homes, given their heating capacity. When you install them in a place where there is only an average or little space, it heats the indoor space in a faster timeframe. As a result, it abruptly powers down as you easily attain the desired temperature. However, heat dissipates faster, especially when a home does not have proper insulation. As a result, it powers on again to heat your indoor space. The only way to solve the issue is to get a properly-sized furnace to be your home’s heating partner.




When your furnace turns off and on repeatedly, even after checking the above factors, contact your technician immediately. It is best to have an expert diagnose the issue so they can amend it immediately before it gets worse. 


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