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furnace vs water heater

With so many products in today’s market, it is easy to get lost and confused. Furnace vs water heater: what makes one different from the other?  


Whether you’re a new homeowner looking to install a heating system, or an old one looking to replace what you have, don’t worry. We have everything covered in this extensive guide. Read below to find out how these two differ. 


What is a water heater?


If you’re looking to heat your entire home for winter, a water heater is not your best option. 


Water heaters function to only heat water. It means that they only heat the water that comes out of your plumbing lines. During the heating process of water, it does not affect the external environment. Hence, it does not play a role in heating the indoors when needed. It utilizes gas or electricity to function and deliver heating throughout your home’s plumbing system. Water heaters also come in both tankless and tanks variant. The choice is yours to make in getting which one you prefer.


Water heaters function continuously. It makes hot water ready when you need it for a bath, laundry, or washing the dishes. While they don’t provide overall heating for your home, they are a practical companion when you obtain contact with water during winter. No one wants a freezing shower time, right? 


What is a furnace?


In differentiating furnace vs water heater from one another, you must fully understand how they function. What do these two heating systems do to your home? 


The distinguishing feature of a furnace from a water heater is its ability to provide heating throughout your home. As mentioned above, water heaters only heat “water.” On the other hand, furniture is a good choice if you want adequate heat throughout your space. They have different variations available, ranging from gas, electric and wood. Each one functions just as differently and utilizes separate sources of heat. However, they are a brilliant option to get you through the brutal Hamilton winter.  


It is important to note that furnaces do not heat water. It only means that they only provide heating through the warm air dispersion. To attain maximum efficacy, ensure to keep up with regular furnace maintenance, properly size the unit, and watch for signals of failure. It can help you prolong your furnace’s lifespan and efficiency.


Which one should I get?


Choosing between furnace vs water heater depends on what your need is. You must adequately assess your target: indoor space heating or water heating? It will help you determine which one you should get for your abode.


If you want to heat your home’s indoor space, then furnaces are the way to go. If you wish to have warm water for baths and chores, water heaters will help you. One cannot help you with the other, so if you want both heating systems, you need to purchase each unit separately. Make sure you consult your trusted contractor to help you get the best value out of your money!



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