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heat pump vs furnace

As homeowners, we only want what’s best for our homes in Hamilton. We usually like to compare and contrast different products before purchasing them. The same can be said when getting your very own heating system. Which side will you take in the battle of heat pump vs furnace


This article aims to give homeowners a deeper understanding of how each system functions. We will also dissect each one’s pros and cons to determine if they fit your home perfectly.


Heat Pump: Functions, Pros and Cons


Let’s begin the heat pump vs furnace battle by learning about the former. 


Heat pump systems are rising in demand in public nowadays. Their promises indeed sound enticing to any unit owner because of their dual function of providing heating and cooling. While heat pumps and furnaces provide heating, they differ in energy use, space occupancy, maintenance, and others. What makes a heat pump on edge compared to the furnace is its versatility to become a heating or cooling system as needed. 


When getting a heat pump for your home, you are reaping tons of other benefits that come alongside it. Energy efficiency is one. Since this system does not utilize fuel or gas, it does not require expensive operational costs. You can also enjoy a safer home as it is less likely to create fire hazards or chemical poisoning. However, the notable downside to such system is its installation and high upfront cost. While it is an efficient heating partner, contractors must find a suitable location to mount the unit to ensure proper energy transfer. For this reason, it can add up to the overall expenditure for a heat pump purchase. 


Furnace: Functions, Pros and Cons


Now that we have knocked off the heat pump vs furnace battle with a beginning discussion for heat pumps, we can move forward with the furnaces. 


Furnaces are a traditional source of heat for homes. While a heat pump facilitates energy transfer, a furnace “creates” heat energy. It does this by burning fuel or conventional wood. There are different variations in the market: gas, electric, and wood, to name a few. While they create significant heating for your indoor space, furnaces cannot cool your home. It is why you usually partner them with air conditioning systems. With proper maintenance, they can last for about 15 – 20 years. 


Furnaces create an adequate amount of heat energy enough to battle a brutal winter. They can also improve indoor air quality with the presence of filters and humidifiers. It helps you gain not just heating but also sufficient moisture to prevent skin problems or dry eyes. Furnaces are also way more affordable than heat pumps, making them a good friend for a thrifty homeowner. However, their main downside is severe threats to life, such as fire hazards and carbon monoxide leaks. Both of which can potentially inflict danger to the residents of a home. 


Which one is best for my home?


It would be tough to crown who won the heat pump vs furnace as each home’s needs vary. Before deciding on your purchase, make sure that you call your trusted technician in Hamilton to assess your home’s needs appropriately. 

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