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two different air conditioner sizes

When talking about how to size an air conditioner properly, homeowners often think of actual dimensions. Most people regard “size” as the measure of the appliance physically. However, for ACs, it is not always the case. 


This article will help you learn further what proper air conditioning sizing entails. We will discuss the factors you need to consider and why they are essential before purchasing your cooling partner. 


Why is it vital to learn about my home’s proper air conditioner size?


Have you ever wondered why a window-type air conditioner does not give adequate cooling to your whole home? Or why is it overly cold in a smaller, condo-type space with just a single ductless mini-split? You can encounter potential scenarios when you don’t know how to size an air conditioner correctly. 


While you may think it is unnecessary, it is a crucial knowledge to bear. Just like how you keep in mind the possible reasons of an AC water leak, an AC’s frozen outdoor unit, or a total AC malfunction, proper AC sizing always comes handy. Think of one summer day when you and your family require cooler indoor air. However, to your dismay, no matter how long you run the HVAC system, it still won’t give you the desired temperature and comfort. Another scenario is living in a studio-type space that you consider for minimal living costs. While your air conditioner provides faster cooling for your small space, you see a significant spike in your power bills. Do you see? Having inappropriate unit sizes affects efficiency, comfort, performance, and the costs associated with your HVAC system’s operation. 


A proper air conditioner size guarantees that you get the amount of comfort your home requires. You also have access to saving more money in the long run as you won’t have to run your AC for extended hours to get the temperature you desire. You won’t have to worry about inadequate cooling in your indoor space. Imagine how perfect the ambiance would be for you!


Steps in Determining the Proper Unit Size


Let us now begin in determining how to size an air conditioner accurately. Follow the steps below to ensure you get the correct unit for your home’s needs.


First is determining your home’s size. You need to measure the actual indoor space that needs cooling. If you only want to cool a specific room, that’s the only area you need to compute. If you want a whole-home cooling, include all the places that need colder air in the measurement. You have to use square feet as your unit of measure. Multiply the width and length of the space. Once done, calculate the size of the AC unit by multiplying it by the standard BTU or British Thermal Unit. 25 BTU is the primary quantity as it allows immense cooling whatever the season may be. 


For example, you have a room measuring 30 x 30. It equates to 900 square feet in total area. You have to multiply it by 25 BTU, and then you’d get the minimum BTU requirement your home needs. For this case, it equates to 22,500 BTU. So anything less than that will mean your AC is undersized, and anything exceeding means oversized. 


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