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If you have Googled “how to change furnace filter,” chances are you’re looking to replace yours. Furnace filter replacement isn’t an odd thing. It is an expert recommendation to have them replaced every once in a while to help maintain the efficacy of your unit. So if you want to learn about this, this article is for you!


We will give you a quick guide on efficiently accomplishing the replacement of those filters. A discussion of the importance of this component will also be below, so keep reading! 


Importance of Furnace Filters


Not many homeowners know the difference between air filters and furnace filters. Hence, we understand why you have searched the internet for “how to change furnace filter.” So, what is a furnace filter?


A furnace filter functions similarly to an air filter. Both the furnace and air conditioning system share the same handler of air. Basic furnace filters can trap airborne particles and pollutants. There are also those high-end furnace filters that enable the entrapment of mildew and pollen. It allows the system to be free of potentially damaging elements from debris build-up and cleans the prior air dispersion. It is a beneficial system component as it helps your unit stay efficient and your indoor air healthy. If left unkempt, they can trigger furnace failures and emergencies.


How do I change it?


There are several steps involved in changing a furnace filter. Below are as follows:

  1. Power down the furnace.
  2. Find and remove the service panel.
  3. Remove the existing filter. You can find this near the blower fan. After that, slide in the new one.
  4. Power on the furnace back to operation.


The steps are easy to follow and remember. However, it is also essential to know when you should get that filter replaced. If you have a paper furnace filter, get a new one after 4-12 months. If you have a fibreglass variant, replace it after 1-2 months. And lastly, you can get your electrostatic furnace filters replaced after several years. It is only when given the circumstance that you clean them often and religiously. These furnace filters last the longest, but you need proper maintenance and adequate cleaning incorporated. 


Which furnace filter is best?


Now you have learned how to change furnace filter; you wonder what to get for your home. 


You can go for a fibreglass filter if you want a basic type. These filters are inexpensive and about 2 inches thick. They come in different sizes, which can fit your furnace perfectly. You can also opt for paper furnace filters which trap smaller dust particles. They can be a bit more expensive than the fibreglass variant but are more effective in their job. Lastly, you can check out electrostatic furnace filters. These are reusable ones and can last you several years. With regular cleaning every six weeks, they can last you a long time without the need for a new one. They trap the minuscule airborne particles and even smoke! They’re effortless to clean and only need a garden hose to get tidied! 


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