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tankless water heater

If you’re a fan of warm showers, you sure can’t live without water heating systems in Hamilton. In the vast array of variations, you might have wondered about the tankless water heater pros and cons. That’s precisely why we’re here!


In this extensive guide, we will be diving deeper into the features of a tankless water heater. What makes it different from the conventional one? What are the benefits that come with it? Is it a good investment? Whether you’re a new homeowner looking to invest in a heating system, or someone who is eyeing a replacement, read further. 


What is a tankless water heater’s difference from the conventional one?


Before we hop on the tankless water heater pros and cons list, let us first distinguish its difference from the traditional one. Knowing this is just as essential as learning how a water heater works or how it contrasts with furnaces.


A conventional water heater has a tank that stores the water in the process of heating. On the other hand, tankless ones, as the name suggests, are without this component. As a result, they use scorching coils that heat water upon direct contact with it. It is also called “flash heating” by some since it happens quickly.  Because of this, they are garnering rising popularity and demand among homeowners. With the promise of instant heating, they are now becoming a new crowd favourite.


What are its advantages?


Now, we can begin discussing the tankless water heater pros and cons list. Let us start by enumerating the benefits you can reap from this.


The first advantage to note is its energy efficiency. Tankless water heaters are about 34% more efficient than conventional ones, as per the U.S. Department of Energy. It only means that you get the best value for energy spent while having effective heating. Hence, it saves you money in the long run. The next benefit is saving space. Having no tank means you won’t have to worry about allotting a particular area for its installation. Lastly, you can shower with hot water all you want! You won’t have to worry about it turning lukewarm or cold and wait for another round. As long as tap water runs through the coils, your warm shower can be without hassle!


What are its disadvantages?


The tankless water heater pros and cons list will not be complete without tackling the downside. While this has extreme benefits, you should also note its cons.


The first downside is its reliance on electricity. Regardless if you have a gas model, it still depends on electricity to run. That only means you have no hot water when there is no power. The next disadvantage is its limited supply. It cannot cater to all outlets if you’re taking a bath, running the laundry, and washing the dishes simultaneously. Lastly, it has a high upfront cost that could be a disadvantage for those working on tight budgets. On average, they cost about $500 – $1500, depending on the variant you are purchasing. 

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