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technician troubleshooting a furnace that stops working

If you’re a homeowner in Hamilton, you know how crucial the role of your heating system is to your home. So when your furnace stops working, it is a common reaction to panic. You start to wonder, “what could go wrong?” Is it a sign that your furnace is failing


In times like this, we know that many questions start to sprout from your head. It is precisely why we have this article for you! This comprehensive guide will give you expert advice on what you can do when your heating buddy doesn’t function. If you’re interested to learn more, then read further. 


Why could this be happening? 


There could be various reasons why your furnace stops working. While there is no one answer to this, it is crucial to rule out all the possibilities. It will help address the issue and prevent it from worsening. Hence, preparing yourself ahead for any furnace emergencies is essential. 


If you notice that your furnace is short cycling, it might be a thermostat or issue. Short cycling involves constant power on and off of the system with minimal intervals. If your thermostat is faulty, it might trigger unusual heating system functions. As a result, your furnace may stop working. The following reason might be a problematic circuit breaker or a blown fuse. If you have fried wirings, your furnace will not function, primarily if it relies on your thermostat’s sensors. Since there is no proper electrical supply, the system’s components will not be able to carry on their role.


 Lastly, it could be because of an obstruction to the airflow. Usually, this is due to dirty air filters or a problem within the heat exchanger. If there is an insufficient supply of air, your furnace retains the heat. As a result, your system shuts down because of overheating. 


How can I avoid this?


If a furnace stops working, it is best to have a technician assess and diagnose the issue. While you really cannot tell when you will experience this, there are preventative measures to help you avoid it.


Regular furnace maintenance is the key to prolonging your furnace’s lifespan and decreasing the possibility of a system malfunction. It helps your heating system have a proper check-up with an expert. The contractor will test each part to ensure that everything works in perfect condition. There are minor issues that only resurface once they’re worse. And unfortunately, most of them are undetectable. It is why having regular professional visits enable the technician to patch things up. Once they detect even the slightest anomaly, they will repair them immediately. As a result, you are saving yourself from hassles during the cold days. You also avoid costly repairs or even replacement. 




If you’re one of the unlucky homeowners whose furnace stops working, don’t hesitate to give your technician a call. They know how to correctly resolve the issue and end your agony of having to go without heat. Let it serve as a reminder to keep an eye out for your furnace constantly. All parts wear and tear through time, and your heating system’s components are no exemption.


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