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If you are a homeowner looking to invest in an efficient cooling system, you might have encountered a “mini-split.” We know how the sea of products confuses us with the endless variations available. Different terminologies and product names left, and right will make you feel lost. So, what is a ductless air conditioner? How is this type of AC a good choice for most homeowners in Hamilton?


This article will help you understand the functions of a ductless mini-split and its pros and cons. We will guide you on what you need to know before purchasing one for your home. 


Defining a Ductless Mini-split System


It’s a normal phase to get curious and ask, “What is a ductless air conditioner?” Especially if you are a new homeowner, your exposure to the different investments for your home is just beginning. We all want what’s best for our families; hence, we do extensive research. It is why we know that you need an expert’s hand in explaining this matter. 


As the name suggests, ductless air conditioners are types of air conditioning systems that do not require a system of ducts. If your home does not have an existing system of vents and registers, it might be a good option for you. Also called the mini-split system, it bears an outdoor and indoor unit. These components have a linkage through a tube that contains the system’s refrigerants. The indoor unit houses the evaporator coils and is also responsible for blowing the cold air back to your home. On the other hand, the outdoor unit receives the heat energy and rids it to the external environment.


What are the pros and cons?


Now you know the answer to “What is a ductless air conditioner?” we can now move forward with the benefits you can reap from it. We will also analyze if it’s a good investment for your dwelling. 


Ductless air conditioners enable you to control individual room temperatures. If you are using multiple units for different home areas, you can set them differently. It’s a good thing, especially if each room user’s needs and temperature preferences are different from one another. They also require minimal AC maintenance and are less common to experience AC malfunction. While they may also be potential candidates for water leakages, they don’t leak energy, unlike central ACs. Ductless air conditioners also have a minimal operating sound, so you will not be bothered by the noise. 


However, it is also important to note that it may not be sufficient to cool your whole home at once. Depending on the unit size, mini-splits have limited cooling capacities. Another thing is that it may be a potential eyesore for home décor enthusiasts. Those who prefer to maintain an aesthetic pod may find it an unnecessary element. Lastly, unlike portable ACs, they are immovable. Once mounted on the wall, the indoor unit can’t move from one room to another.


Is it suitable for my home?


What is a ductless air conditioner? Well, you do know by now. If you are still contemplating purchasing it, talk to your trusted HVAC technician. It is always essential to analyze your home’s needs with a guidance of an expert.

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