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high-efficiency furnace

With the market continually expanding with various products, it is usual to feel lost. Whether you’re a new or old homeowner, the goal remains to be investing wisely in your dwelling. With the brutal winters of Hamilton, you might have searched for the best heating systems to accompany you. You might have asked, “What is a high-efficiency furnace?” 


This extensive guide will help you understand how furnaces function and how they contribute to making your home more comfortable. We will also talk about their advantages and disadvantages to further assess whether they are a good fit for you or not. 


Defining a high-efficiency furnace 


Let us answer the question “what is a high-efficiency furnace?” right away! 


Technically, high-efficiency furnaces are units that can save you more money. They cut your energy consumption, making them an ideal partner for heating. While they give you the best comfort level, you won’t have to worry about higher bills and energy loss. While they cost way more than the regular ones on the market, high-efficiency furnaces are worth their price tags. Their promising benefits are more eco-friendly and provide you with more remarkable heat production.  


How does a high-efficiency furnace differ from a regular one?  


What is a high-efficiency furnace‘s difference from a regular one? We’re sure you’re already itching to know the answer, so let’s begin. 


When winter graces our doorsteps, we all run to our heating devices. It is precisely why the Department of Energy found out that 45% of your power bill is from heating! While that’s a huge percentage, it’s not shocking as we rely on them on severely cold days. A furnace’s effectivity measurement is through its efficiency. Efficiency equates to the amount of energy they can convert using their fuel or power source. If you have a 60% efficiency mark on your furnace, it only converts 60% of the fuel to heat energy. The remaining 40% is either lost or not used. 


We know you might say, “It’s just 40%. Let’s focus on the 60%.” Sure, it’s not a huge problem. But come to think of the operational costs it can inflict on your budget. You are wasting money and fuel only to get 60% of the return to your home. In the long run, you will be spending more money on your utility bills without getting the amount of comfort that you require.


Is it worth buying one?


The question is no longer, “what is a high-efficiency furnace?” You now want to confirm if it is worth investing in one. Experts can all agree that high-efficiency furnaces are worth every penny spent. They not only cut down your bills, but they also give you the best amount of comfort you need. There are units with about a 95% efficiency rating in the market; make sure you look for one that fits your budget and needs well. You also have to assess your home’s needs to ensure everything matches perfectly. With proper maintenance, it will surely last long! If you’re still doubtful, place a call to your trusted HVAC expert to learn more.


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