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Homeowners encounter several plumbing scenarios in their abodes. But is that enough to refer to it as an emergency? What is a plumbing emergency, and how do you know you have one?


Plumbing emergencies emerge every once in a while. They sometimes happen when you least expect them to bother your home. And while it may be a cause of your frustration, it can also lead to costly repairs if you don’t take any steps. Read further below to help you assess if you have one and how you must act on it.


Defining a plumbing emergency


What is a plumbing emergency, and how can one determine it? Is a bathroom sink with a clog an emergency? Does a problematic kitchen sink count as one? While it is common to panic, we recommend proper composure to assess and figure out the action plan needed. Like how you prepare for furnace emergencies, you also need to ready yourself for a plumbing threat. 


A plumbing emergency constitutes a far worse scenario happening within your home. It is more severe than your usual plumbing issues, which can involve busted pipes or drain clogs. On other occasions, some homes also encounter gas leaks and extreme water pooling because of a leak. You can say that it is an emergency when it risks the safety of the individuals associated with it. Take, for example, a gas leak that happens within a home. As a result, the residents may be poisoned and imposed to fire hazards. 


How can I cure this emergency?


Now that you have the answer to “What is a plumbing emergency?” you wonder how you can address them. 


When a person experiences a life emergency such as a heart attack, one must rush him immediately to the hospital. The same thing can be applied when you experience a plumbing emergency. You don’t try to handle the busted pipe yourself. Neither should you dare address a gas leak on your own. These issues need direct attention and immediate response from a licensed plumber. You can place a call to your licensed contractors to help you out if you still haven’t figured out what may be wrong. Their usual response time is 1-2 hours, depending on the amount of work cued or scheduled for that day. 


How long would the repairs take?


You now call a plumber upon determining that your issue constitutes one of the answers discussing “What is a plumbing emergency?” But as they arrive and diagnose what the matter is, you start to wonder how long it will take to amend the problem.


On average, minor emergencies take about a couple of hours to fix. However, it might be longer for complicated issues such as pipes needing replacement. Some of the plumbing emergencies need part substitution to get resolved. If you’re lucky, your plumber may have it and bill it to add to your overall repair costs. However, some parts need to be ordered and come up within a week. If such is the case, your plumber will perform a temporary fix until the parts come up. It will hold the emergency to a short hiatus and buy you some time for the correct component placement in the system.


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