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two-stage furnace

As a homeowner in Hamilton, you know how brutal each passing winter gets. Getting a reliable heating system to aid your home in colder temperatures is imperative. With a sea of products available, you might have wondered, “What is a two-stage furnace?” 


Merely determining your need for a furnace is not enough. You also have to assess which type of furnace suits your best interest. This article will guide you through what a two-stage furnace does, its pros and cons, and if it’s an ideal choice for your home.


Defining a two-stage furnace


What is a two-stage furnace? We’re sure you’re excited to know the answer right away. 


Furnaces have two basic heating types. The first is single-stage heating, and the other is two-stage heating. Two-stage heating means that a furnace has two levels of output for heat. Depending on the homeowner’s needs, its settings can either be low or high. That said, two-stage furnaces are more adaptive and flexible to your preferences. With a low setting, you can meet your dwelling’s heat requirements for about 80% of the time. As a result, furnaces with a two-stage heating capacity have a longer operation time and can give an equal dispersion of heat than single-stage furnaces. Depending on your BTU requirements, run time can be varying.


What are the pros and cons?


Now that you know the answer to “What is a two-stage furnace?”, let us tackle the good and bad that come with it.


If you’re a noise-sensitive person, two-stage furnaces are a perfect investment. They start on low heat settings during operation, so there is no sudden machine blast sound. They also give you consistent heat levels, so you won’t have to be bothered by fluctuating comfort. Compared to a standard furnace, two-stage furnaces bear a more consistent temperature regulation. You can say cold spots are already a thing of the past! It is also very efficient as it burns less fuel than a regular furnace. During the first heating stage, it does not require the same amount of energy that single-stage furnaces require. Hence, you will save more money on this type of heating.


However, their downside is having an extremely high upfront cost. While two-stage furnaces may be a good investment, they can hurt your pocket more than regular ones. They are also more prone to system failures. Their extended run time makes the parts easier to wear and tear through constant usage even with maintenance. System parts are also expensive and hard to find, making repairs costly. Compared to the cost of standard furnace replacements, you need more bucks to spend.


Is it worth the investment?


In getting a heating system for your home, the question does not stay in “What is a two-stage furnace?” only. You are more likely to ask next if it’s worth your money and time. While two-stage furnaces are efficient options for providing heat, they are not a good choice if you don’t plan to stay in your home for long. Especially if you’re only renting out a place temporarily, purchasing them won’t be a wise decision. However, if you think you are investing in a long-time partner during the cold days, it might be worth the shot!


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