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technician performing an air conditioner tune up

No doubt that our air conditioners are essential investments in our homes. When the sun’s scorching heat burns, we all want a comfortable indoor space to chill. Because of its undeniable essence in surviving high temperatures, you also know that you need to look after your AC’s shape. You might have wondered, “What is an air conditioner tune-up?” Why do you need it? Can you skip this step?


You know how important your AC is as a homeowner, especially on hot summer days. So what are the things that you need to remember to maintain its overall function? How can you prevent issues from arising? Read further below.


Inclusions of the Procedure


Is it your first time scheduling a tune-up? Or is it your nth time, but you still don’t know what it is about? Whether you are one of the two, below is a comprehensive answer to “what is an air conditioner tune-up?”


An AC tune-up entails a comprehensive cleaning and testing of your air conditioning system’s components. Your trusted professional contractor performs an intricate cleaning of your air filters and coils. Usually, you can replace and clean your air filters regularly, but condenser coils must be for the experts. The technician will also perform amperage tests and if the wirings are correctly connected. He will also inspect for refrigerant leaks and refill them when levels are below standard.


Other steps also include calibration of your thermostat. Your professional technician will check if it needs battery replacements or if there are factors that affect its sense of temperature. He will also provide adequate lubrication to all moving parts. It ensures a reduction in friction which tends to wear the parts faster.  


What can I benefit from this?


Merely knowing the answer to “what is an air conditioner tune-up?” isn’t enough. It would help if you also learned the benefits you can reap from this. It helps keep you safe from a non-working AC, one with pooling water or an AC with a frozen outdoor unit.


The first advantage is a lower utility bill. Having problematic AC parts can lead to a spike in your power expenses. The faulty component is utilizing excessive electricity leading to overall malfunction. With an AC tune-up, you worry less about this scenario. The next benefit is maintaining the efficiency of your air conditioner. Your AC’s parts are more prone to issues without a proper tune-up. As a result, your unit will be ineffective in providing its job. You retain its efficacy when you properly maintain your air conditioning unit through regular check-ups. Lastly, proper tune-ups guarantee a longer life expectancy for your AC. Like how regular dentist appointments keep your teeth from decaying, frequent AC tune-ups allow your HVAC system to remain in tip-top shape. 


The list of benefits can go endlessly. They prove that having regular air conditioner checks with a professional is essential. While it may be tempting to save some bucks from not scheduling one, or trying a DIY, never risk your unit for potential damage. Also, ensure that you hire a licensed expert to perform the said tune-up, as you may be doing more harm than good in hiring reckless ones. 


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