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As homeowners in Hamilton, we want the best for our abodes. However, we also require things to work within our budgets. If you are wondering about the average cost of duct cleaning, then you’ve come to the right place. 


This extensive guide will discuss the range of prices available for this type of job. We will also give off a few tips for you to remember and recall what duct cleaning entails. If you’re willing to learn more, read further. 


What is duct cleaning?


Before we discuss the average cost of duct cleaning, let us first understand what it means.


Learning what duct cleaning is, is essential whether you have ductwork for a furnace or air conditioner. It allows a unit owner to remove excessive debris, dirt build-up, rodent issues, and mould problems. But what exactly are the steps involved? Contractors typically use vacuums to suck in the trapped particles inside your ducts. It thoroughly cleans all the air ducts, drip pan, registers, fan motor and coils. However, it is vital to note that it does not directly address the root cause of issues such as rodent infestation or mould and mildew remediation. You will have to contact and hire a different contractor for that type of issue. 


Cost of Duct Cleaning


As per HomeAdvisor, the average cost of duct cleaning ranges from $268 to $489. And while it isn’t a necessary step, experts recommend it every five to seven years. It is essential to remember that these prices are affected by several other factors. They are not a fixed rate of duct cleaning. Below, we will be discussing the variables that can affect the increase or decrease of prices. 


Factors that affect the Cost of Duct Cleaning


The average cost of duct cleaning is not a fixed quantity. There are a few variables that directly influence this that you have to remember. 


The first factor is the type and size of your ductwork. Most contractors charge per square foot of the total length. Meaning to say that the larger your home is, the higher the cost may be. On the other hand, the type of ductwork affects the price as each requires a different set of tools and methods. Your duct accessibility also affects the total cost. If the location of your ducts is in hard-to-reach spaces, the technician may charge extra as it requires more effort. The labour cost also adds up to the total amount of the cleaning. Each contractor has different rates for this (fixed or hourly); it will be different for everyone. Lastly, the level of contamination is also a determining factor. If you have problems with your ducts requiring extra work, such as rodent body or mould removal, expect it to cost a bit more than usual. 




Knowing the average cost of duct cleaning is another essential knowledge. It can help you maintain your ductwork adequately and prevent furnace failures or emergencies. However, it is necessary to note that nothing beats regular furnace maintenance. Never forget to schedule one with your trusted licensed contractor.


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