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As Hamilton summer approaches, we all desire a comfortable indoor space. No one wants to feel icky with sweat under the scorching heat, right? While it is tempting to change our thermostat settings, we usually contemplate the energy bill cost. One must know what temperature to set air conditioner in summer for this!


While there could be no one answer for this, it is essential to understand what factors you must consider. Aside from saving you from expensive power bills, it guarantees comfort for all the residents of your home.

What are the factors I need to consider in setting the temperature?


Temperature setting is not as easy as tapping in the digits. You have to analyze if it does not compromise the residents’ comfort. Let’s talk about the factors you must ponder in learning what temperature to set air conditioner in summer. 


The first one is the outdoor temperature. Is it severely hot outside, or is it average? The lesser the difference that the outdoor temperature has to your indoor temperature means that your HVAC system requires lower energy consumption. So if the outdoors aren’t as sweltering, you don’t need a colder temperature setting. Next is the level of comfort of each resident. While some may be comfortable at a specific temperature, the needs of other accompanying residents may vary. One example could be the elderly, who get cold more quickly than in adolescence. There are also homeowners with diseases that require a particular temperature setting. It is essential to consider those when figuring out which temperature to set. Lastly, is your home’s size. It may be harder to cool a vast space with the wrong thermostat settings. For effective and adequate cooling, choose a proper temperature for better performance delivery on a broader area. 


So, what is the recommended temperature for summer? 


What temperature to set air conditioner in summer? Per expert recommendation, 78 degrees Fahrenheit is the answer. While this could be a very vague response, it is a necessary starting point to serve as a baseline for your settings. 


The Department of Energy recommends using programmable thermostats to help you with easier adjustments. Especially if you are a very busy person, having everything programmed will help ease your burden of worries. With 78 degrees Fahrenheit as your starting point, learn to adjust based on the preferences and needs of your home’s residents. As mentioned above, it is also crucial to consider the other determining factors when setting your temperature. Remember not to sacrifice your home’s comfort in an attempt to slash your energy bills. 




Like how you need accurate information about an AC with a frozen outdoor unit, an AC not working, or correct air conditioner sizing, learning the proper temperature settings is also vital. It guarantees the best comfort level for everyone while it also enables you to stay on guard for your energy consumption. Always remember to keep an eye out for the other determining factors and use the expert recommendation as a base guideline. 


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