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As the components of your air conditioner wear and tear through time, check-ups are necessary. But merely scheduling them isn’t enough. It is also best to know the correct season to do them! Knowing exactly when to do AC maintenance is key to prolonging your HVAC system’s lifespan. Hence, it stresses the importance of understanding when you need to do it.


This article will tackle what AC maintenance entails, why you need it, and when to book it. We will also talk about how frequent your HVAC system’s checks must be to ensure smooth operation at all times.

Why do I need to have my AC serviced by a professional? 


Learning when to do AC maintenance is not just the sole knowledge you need to know. You also have to understand why your air conditioner needs professional visits now and then. 


Like any other product created, no matter the branding, the components of your AC wear over time. While they don’t show up as problems now, it doesn’t mean that there is no issue at all. Your trusted Hamilton HVAC contractor prevents such cases and amends them before they worsen. It helps you give the peace of mind that the chances of system breakdown will be less. You will also save money from costly repairs brought about by minor issues springing up from your HVAC system. While they don’t resurface just yet, it does not mean entirely that everything’s perfect. 


You don’t want to experience having a non-working AC, an AC with a frozen outdoor unit, or one with pooling water. Not in the scorching heat of the peak of summer when you need your HVAC partner the most. While it does its job for you, make sure you do your part in looking out after your home’s cooling buddy. 

When should I schedule this?


The question remains: “when to do AC maintenance best?” Experts recommend scheduling it during spring! 


You might wonder, “why spring and not summer when I need it most?” Well, technically, that’s because spring comes before summer. It is the season when the temperature is not too cold or hot, perfect for technicians to perform what they need to do! It is also a preparation for the summer heatwave, wherein you will likely utilize the AC more often. If you schedule the maintenance during summer, you won’t have enough time to ensure that all parts are working correctly. Hence, you increase the chance of system failure when you need it most.


Annual maintenance of your AC ensures that all parts are working at their optimum function. It also helps you save money from higher repairs or replacement costs springing from minor issues that have already worsened. Professional visits give you the peace of mind that your unit is in tiptop shape come the summer season. Just be sure to schedule your maintenance with a licensed contractor to avoid damages to your system. It is also essential to note that you can’t perform such maintenance on your own as it risks electrical or chemical poisoning hazards. 

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